Acting Deputy Chief Steve Barlow of the Calgary Police Service at the Calgary Police Commission meeting on November 27, 2018 Ryan White, Reporter / Producer In the first month since marijuana was legalized in Canada, the Calgary Police Service was involved in nearly 200 encounters where a civilian possessed, or was under the influence of, cannabis. The breakdown of calls involving cannabis was released during Tuesday night’s meeting of the Calgary Police Commission. According to CPS officials, the 195 incidents included 11 tickets issued for public marijuana use, two driving suspensions and five drug seizures including the bust of an illegal grow-op with more than 1,000 plants.  “I was really pleased to see that CPS is tracking the numbers so carefully so we have some data to go back and look at,” said commission chair Brian Thiessen. “I think we’re all a little surprised to see the numbers are not significantly high and, as the CPS pointed out, the sky has not fallen because of cannabis legalization.” Acting Deputy Chief Steve Barlow says the 195 incidents include all responses where marijuana was part of the interaction with the encounter even if it was not a contributing factor. Sky has not fallen because of cannabis legalization: Calgary Police Service

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