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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a week ago that the price that the provinces and federal government are proposing for legal cannabis is $10 a gram including a federal excise tax of $1 or 10 per cent, whichever is higher. Joe Mahoney/The Canadian Press Statistics Canada has published new data on the street value for cannabis showing it could cost at least 13 per cent less than the proposed legal price. The price point will be crucial as nearly a century of prohibition ends: While some people may be willing to pay a slight markup for the quality and security of the legal product, others may opt for the cheaper, underground supply, especially if they are already used to buying it that way. advertisement That would make legal cannabis considerably higher than the $8.84 per gram a Statscan report released on Monday found people were willing to pay on the black market in 2015. That study found Canada’s underground cannabis trade was worth as much as $6.2-billion in 2015 – almost as much as the legal wine market. Street cost for cannabis lower than legal price point, Statscan finds

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