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Annie Costabile/Sun-Times The bill will also create a processor license as well as a transport license, Cassidy said. Legalizing recreational marijuana is important for Illinois, she added, because residents are already using the drug and law enforcement, legislators and other officials are not “equipping ourselves to deal with it well.” “All of these things that we talk about, whether it’s a workplace issue, or a driving issue, or pick-one-and-go-with-it, it’s happening today,” Cassidy said. “This will actually allow us to take this product out of the shadows, ensure that the product that the people are buying is tested and regulated and packaged safely and securely and sold not by the dude on my corner.” Advocates for the bill, including Pritzker, have also focused on coupling the legislation with criminal justice reforms for persons that were convicted of marijuana-related crimes. Target date to legally buy marijuana is Jan. 1, but details of bill still hazy – Chicago Sun-Times

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