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Tayshia Adams may have made a name for herself on the hit reality show The Bachelor, but she’s far from being the type of person seeking fame. In fact, although she got plenty of face time on the dating competition for the world to see, Tayshia was ill-prepared when it came to dealing with millions of people knowing who she was, judging her every move and, generally speaking, being in the spotlight. As one might expect, that kind of exposure brings lots of anxiety, which is part of the reason why Tayshia began using CBD regularly — which she’s become a serious advocate of. From using CBD oil in things like smoothies and salad dressings, to carrying a bottle with her to help relax and sleep during long flights to exotic destinations, Tayshia Adams is fully aboard the CBD train. Tayshia has even taken her love of CBD to a new level, teaming up with a CBD brand called Enjoy Pachamama on a soon-to-launch beauty line of her own coming in the spring of 2020. We got a chance to talk to the reality TV star about her CBD journey, and why she feels it’s so important to continue to educate people on the benefits that she herself has experienced. ‘The Bachelor”s Tayshia Adams Explains How CBD Has Helped Her Deal With The Anxiety Of Fame

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