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For a marijuana distributor, opening a bank account isn’t as easy as it is for the rest of us. The federal government still considers cannabis an illegal substance without medicinal value, so most banks haven’t been willing to take their money — even though 29 states have legalized the drug for medical use, and some for recreational use. And these businesses would be handling too much cash to stash it under a mattress. Then First Green Bank, a Central Florida community bank that operates only in this state and doesn’t require a federal charter, stepped in. By this summer, it was handling accounts for six of the state’s seven licensed producers of medical marijuana. PREVIOUS COVERAGE: One Florida bank is willing to risk it all on cannabis when others won’t But now, in a move that underscores the volatility of the state’s nascent market, First Green has announced that it is closing the accounts of its cannabis clients and won’t be handling their money past early January. The banker to Florida’s medical marijuana players is getting out of the business

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