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The Nova Scotia province on Canada’s eastern coast will begin selling marijuana in liquor stores in July of 2018. On Thursday, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation announced that it will sell marijuana in stores and on its website, as soon as Canada legalizes weed in July, 2018, Newsweek reported.  “The NSLC has the experience and expertise to distribute and sell restricted products like alcohol and now cannabis in a socially responsible way,” Justice Minister Mark Furey said at a recent news conference. “We believe the NSLC is best positioned to sell cannabis, keeping it out of the hands of young people and making it legally available in a safe, regulated way.” According to a survey led by MQO Research, 56 percent of respondents preferred speciality marijuana stores while 49 percent voted for the liquor store option. Some experts claim that selling marijuana in liquor stores may tempt recovering alcoholics to buy alcohol when purchasing pot. “Does it increase or decrease cannabis consumption and alcohol consumption to have the two together?” ‘The Experience and Expertise’: Canada to Sell Pot in Liquor Stores

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