If all goes as planned, the first legal sales of cannabis in Canada outside of its federal medical program could commence as soon as three months from now. The Senate is scheduled to vote on C-45, The Cannabis Act, on or before June 7th in the Third Reading, where it could be approved as-is or amended. If the Senate passes it with amendments, the more likely scenario, then the bill will go back to the House of Commons, with the two chambers needing to agree upon the final text. Upon agreement, C-45 will become law, and the government has suggested that legal sales could begin within a few months. While many Canadians are ready to make legal cannabis purchases, it appears that the industry will be slow to ramp up. A new distribution network that won’t be fully ready and limited inventory in the vaults of the producers suggests that there will be a large initial imbalance between supply and demand. The Looming Canadian Cannabis Shortage

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