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Investors are pouring money into the red-hot cannabis sector. Venture firms invested $881 million into cannabis startups in 2018, over the double amount raised a year prior, according to the data provider PitchBook. And cannabis tech, or startups that provide hardware and software support to the industry, is becoming an increasingly large part of this pie. It’s still too early to get specific growth numbers on cannabis tech, but the area is attractive to investors since the companies don’t actually sell or distribute THC, and therefore, aren’t breaking any US federal laws. Like the picks-and-shovels salesman who struck it rich during the Gold Rush, these startups provide data analytics, software support, cultivation technology, and consumer products like vaporizers. And because they don’t touch the plant, bigger investors — think the Sand Hill Road set or mainstream private equity firms — are mostly free to invest. Top venture investors say these 11 tech startups in the red-hot cannabis sector are set to blow up this year

thumbnail courtesy of businessinsider.com