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OTTAWA — Hours before a crucial vote that could see a major campaign promise derailed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is warning his Senate appointees that it’s not their job to defeat his government’s legislation.Speaking in New Brunswick where Trudeau was re-announcing new government benefits, the prime minister said the Grits are pushing forward with cannabis legalization because the current system doesn’t work. “It does not protect our young people, and it sends billions per year to organized crime and street gangs. We need a new system,” he said. “That’s why we are pushing forward with legalization and control of marijuana and I’m confident that all Canadians, including the senators, will understand that.”More from HuffPost Canada:Tory Senator Says Feds’ Pot Branding Looks Like Hockey Canada LogosSenate Independents Scrambling Ahead Of Crucial Pot VoteTrudeau went on to say that he expects members of the upper chamber to review legislation but not to defeat election promises.”We expect a more independent Senate will do its work, to look at legislation sent by the House of Commons, that they evaluate the positive impacts on the community, that they bring ameliorations, if needed. But it is very clear that this bill responds first to an electoral promise that we made very clearly during the election campaign and for which Canadians voted, and also that is something that we will continue to work on with different levels of government,” the prime minister said.Conservative senators are expected to call for a standing vote on Bill C-45, the Liberals’ plan to legalize cannabis, late Thursday afternoon. The Tories, who make up about one third of the upper chamber, are firmly opposed to the bill but they need more than a handful of senators appointed by Trudeau — who make up the majority of the chamber — to miss the vote or vote against it in order to defeated it at second reading.As HuffPost Canada reported Wednesday, the independent senators group pleaded with its members who are travelling to return to Ottawa for the vote.”Our sense is that they are willing to take the risk of having the bill defeated at second reading, and — in that event — to blame independent senators for failing to ensure its passage,” senators Raymonde Saint-Germain and Yuen Pau Woo wrote.”Whatever your views may be on C45, Thursday’s vote is very important, and we believe that we should have as many ISG [independent Senate group] members as possible in the chamber for that vote.”Government sources expect the bill to pass, but one source noted: “Accidents can happen.”Conservative Sen. Trudeau Tells Senators To Pass His Government’s Marijuana Legalization Bill

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