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A heartless thief has been accused of stealing two mobile phones containing the priceless memories of a man’s last days with his wife and daughter before they were tragically killed in a Christmas Day crash. Australian cycling silver medalist Sam Willoughby married his American girlfriend in a romantic New Year’s Eve ceremony in San Diego. California has joined five other American states to legalise recreational marijuana use. A semi-trailer has inadvertently dragged a car around an intersection after it became lodged in its mud guard while trying to squeeze into a gap in front. Solar-powered highway sends energy to the national grid A blanket that sat untouched in a closet for seven years has made a US man a small fortune. Fireworks in Iceland malfunction spectacularly Pakistan comes under fire from Trump for taking US aid despite also harbouring terrorists Bone-chilling cold gripped much of the central US as 2018 began Monday, breaking century-old records, icing over some New Year’s celebrations and leading to at least two deaths from exposure. US recreational marijuana laws sparks debate in Australia

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