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By Bart Schaneman Washington state’s cannabis supply continues to swell, flooding the market and causing both wholesale and retail prices to sink. After the October 2017 outdoor harvest – the state’s largest to date – Jim MacCrae, owner of cannabis-focused business intelligence firm Straight Line Analytics in Seattle, says the market will have a 60% larger supply than in 2016. With an ounce of legal marijuana flower selling for as low as $40 in the state’s retail stores, both shop owners and producers are seeking changes to Washington’s cannabis regulations. Lawmakers and industry leaders are discussing ways to correct the market, including: One thing most in the industry agree on: There’s too much cannabis production. “Right now we have about three times more product than we have retail sales,” said grower Steve Fuhr, who owns Toucan Farms in Shelton. Fuhr said he’s struggling to get more than $1 a gram ($454 a pound) wholesale for the cannabis he grows. Washington state cannabis oversupply spurs calls for change

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