tomato farm in this Montreal suburb will grow cannabis for Canada’s legal market Mirabel is on the cusp of a cannabis empire. One of the largest growers of pink tomatoes in North America is converting its greenhouses in a Montreal suburb to grow upwards of 60,000 kilograms of cannabis each year. The family-owned Les Serres Bertrand in Mirabel has partnered with Canada’s largest medical marijuana company to complete the transformation. Last year, Canopy Growth invested $15 million to retrofit the farm so that it will be ready for the recreational cannabis market when the federal government legalizes it this summer. Adam Greenblatt, a spokesperson for the company, gave the Montreal Gazette a tour of the facility as it underwent massive renovations. “What we’re witnessing here is history,” said Greenblatt. bill passes Senate vote 44-29 Rachel Aiello, Ottawa News Bureau Online Producer OTTAWA – After some concern the vote would be close, senators have passed the Liberal government’s marijuana legalization bill at second reading by a vote of 44 to 29. The legislation, Bill C-45,  will now advance to the committee study stage in the Senate. There was some nervousness earlier that there were enough dissenting senators to kill the legislation by voting it down. This would have been an extremely rare move for senators to make and would have forced the government to try to pass a new version of the bill through all the legislative stages again. Senators from all sides have vocalized concerns over aspects of the bill, from health and youth access concerns, to policing and legal worries, but defeating it at this stage would be an extremely rare move. In February, senators agreed to a legislative timetable on Bill C-45 that stated the second reading vote would take place on or before March 22, and then after the bill is sent to various committees for consideration, the final vote on or before June 7. Batters Says Feds’ Pot Branding Looks A Lot Like Hockey Canada Logos OTTAWA — A Conservative senator thinks it’s a problem that Health Canada’s proposed logo for its plain marijuana packaging looks similar to two used by Hockey Canada. Denise Batters made the comparison during a meeting of the Senate’s legal and constitutional affairs committee to discuss Bill C-45, the government’s legislation to legalize cannabis. On Monday, Health Canada revealed a mock-up of what cannabis packaging is expected to look like. She raised a printout of the proposed logo for tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in cannabis commonly known as THC. “When I saw that symbol, I immediately thought ‘That really looks like the Team Canada hockey logo.’ So I Googled it,” Batters said.

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