By Bart Schaneman It’s no secret that Oregon is growing far more marijuana than the market can absorb, so some cultivators are turning to MJ’s cousin: hemp. As Oregon cannabis prices continue to sink to new lows amid a product glut, outdoor growers are applying what they know about marijuana and cultivating hemp for both smokable CBD flower and biomass that can be extracted into CBD oil. The hemp pivot allows growers to diversify their revenue stream and capitalize on a crop that could soon become legal at the federal level – thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill pending before Congress. It also allows them to capitalize on the booming popularity of CBD products. Here are four reasons a shift toward hemp makes sense for some businesses – and why it should be done cautiously:  1. Adding hemp allows companies to diversify their operations while still growing marijuana. Why a saturated marijuana market is leading some Oregon growers to pivot to hemp

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