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While recreational cannabis is legal in Colorado, there are’s a limit on how much marijuana someone can buy in a day. And if you think that’s more of a guideline than a strict rule, then you might wind up in the same trouble as three owners of the Denver-based Sweet Leaf dispensary chain, who recently pleaded guilty to organized-crime and illegal-distribution charges by exceeding the sale limit. The owners tried to get around the limit using an illicit tactic called ‘looping,’ where a customer would go to a shop and buy the maximum amount multiple times a day. As a result, Christian Johnson, Matthew Aiken and Anthony Sauro of Sweet Leaf are now the first members of a state-legalized cannabis business to do time for violating marijuana regulations. “I think this was obviously a first case in Colorado,” lead prosecutor Kenneth Boyd told The Denver Post. “I think it was the first in the nation where a state prosecution office went after a licensed marijuana company. Why Colorado Imprisoned These Licensed Dispensary Owners for Selling Marijuana

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