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Watch VICE News Tonight on HBO weekdays at 7:30. Small-scale, veteran growers like Jason Fleming could be shut down by bureaucracy before they sell a single nug on California’s new legal weed market. Recreational marijuana became legal in California in January, but the state already had a 22-year-old medical marijuana industry that outlined a legal route for patients to purchase pot for licensed dispensaries. But how the weed got from growers to those dispensaries was shrouded in what can only be described as a very grey area. The Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act changed all that — now growers must be licensed and have their wares tested in a lab, which means a much higher overheard and a licensing backlog. To stay in business, some growers have turned to the state’s resurging black market, fueled by consumers who can’t bear the brunt of new taxes as high as 45 percent. Why the black market for weed is still thriving in California

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