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Released today on International Women’s Day, the survey suggests that societal perceptions affect users’ openness about consumption, but women are increasingly embracing the plant nonetheless. The relationship between women and weed is a complex one, where an inherent symbiosis between the medicinal power of cannabis and health issues specific to women has been overshadowed by fear of judgement from society. Until recently, women who smoked openly tended to be labeled as “stoner chicks” (sigh), or sexualized in advertisements by cannabis brands in the same vein as alcohol ads. However, the Green Rush is transforming a once socially contentious relationship, opening a world of holistic wellness, as well as entrepreneurial endeavors for all sorts of cannabis enthusiasts. April Pride, founder of Van der Pop, a cannabis lifestyle and accessory brand geared specifically towards women, is at the forefront of the movement to dissolve the annoying (read: sexist) stigmas associated with female cannabis use. Last fall, Van der Pop conducted a survey in partnership with Canadian Viewpoint Inc. “Women and Weed” Survey Highlights That Female Cannabis Users Still Feel Stigmatized

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