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By Kristen Nichols, Bart Schaneman, Matt Lamers, Omar Sacirbey and John Schroyer It was a lung-busting 2017 for the North American cannabis industry, with marijuana executives stateside holding their collective breath wondering whether the new Trump administration would crack down on legal MJ businesses. Amid the uncertainty, Nevada’s new recreational marijuana industry opened in July with skyrocketing sales, while government officials and regulators in California and Canada prepared to roll out their large rec markets in 2018. Marijuana sales continued to grow, with new medical cannabis markets launching in states such as Hawaii and Maryland. New companies also entered the cannabis industry – with some making a bigger splash than others (think alcoholic beverage giant Constellation Brands). Some notable names in the marijuana industry, by contrast, stumbled. Here are some of the biggest cannabis-related developments and trends we covered in 2017. Year in Review: Top 10 stories in the marijuana industry from 2017

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